The Indian culture comprises of many religions and beliefs and to be able to comply to the differences in culture, different rituals are performed on different platforms. We at VERSION Events, ensure that we are the final destination to make your dreams a living reality. We help manage and co-ordinate Hindu, Punjabi, Sindhis, Marwari, Jains and various culturally diversed weddings.
However, our reach does not end here. We also specialize in Christian, Thai and Islamic weddings.
Hindu Weddings
When looking at Hindu weddings, there’s color, loud music, good food, beautiful clothes, jewelries and dances. The main events that make these weddings a successful and an unforgettable one is the prayer ceremony, the haldi ceremony, the sangeet ceremony, the wedding, and finally the wedding reception. With VERSION Event, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the wedding because we have everything you require to make your wedding a perfectly beautiful one.
Marwari Weddings
Marwari Weddings are one of the grandest weddings in Indian culture. They are impressively magnificent and highly sophisticated and VERSION Events understands that all too well. The functions that are performed during the Marwari Weddings are an engagement ceremony, a prayer ceremony, the Pithi Dastoor (the Haldi) ceremony, Mehfil Ceremony, the Mahira Dastoor, the wedding ceremony, the baarat, and many other ceremonies that are performed to ensure that the newly wedded couple has a blessed and happy married life.
Jain Weddings
Jain Weddings, when performed are done on an extremely elegant note with lots of traditional touches. They believe in giving a lot of importance to the pre-wedding and the post Weddings to ensure that the couple would have the blessings of the Gods, family and friends in their future married life. Their traditions are strictly guided through the “Vivah Vidhi” of the holy scriptures; as it symbolizes a worldly affair that would help increase the human bondage of two individuals. VERSION Events will make sure we reach the core of your desires and plan the perfect wedding of your dream.
Thai Weddings
Thai Weddings are considered to give great importance to values such as family and respect, especially towards the parents and elderly, within and outside of family members. There are a lot of different wedding functions that are needed to be performed like the merit making, the engagement ceremony, the gated approach of the groom, the wedding ceremony, presentation of the dowry (sin sod) from the groom to the mother of the bride and finally the wedding reception and if given the opportunity, VERSION Event will be standing right beside you, organizing, coordinating and following through with the wedding till the very end.