About Us

The trilogy that represents us as Version personifies a perfect blend of strength, unparalleled creativity and the exceptional ability to cover all angles. Wrapped in experience and acumen to inject ease; dedication and sheer hard work constantly hones us to rise above the rung at every given opportunity.

Based in Bangkok with a reach that extends to corners across the globe, we are here to make your vision become a reality.

Why Choose Us

We take care of every single detail you would look or desire for in an event or a wedding. You name it, we got it!
Our expertise, experience, professionalism will make your dream wedding a reality.
It’s all about implementation, be it on the spot, or pre-planned, we go an extra mile to make our clients happy and satisfied.
You can have a customized creation of an event or wedding as per your preferences and personality.
Our love and passion for our work will be spilled into your event and wedding, making sure it is the best one yet.
We are full of energy, passion and creative ideas, like three circles that interlink and create a core and in that core, is where we place our clients.
To ensure a smooth sailing journey, we work from inside out, to outside in and leave no stone unturned.
Things happen unexpectedly and we understand that there will be hiccups and loopholes along the way and that is where the strength of VERSION Event lies. We are spontaneous, we work with a fast-pace and we cover all angles.
With our skills in co-ordination and our reach in the supplier market, you will be able to enjoy your function and events how it is meant to be enjoyed. Without a tinge worry or stress.
We have high flexibility in our schedule.
When it comes to event planning, especially weddings, the finesse comes from the fine tuning of the intricacies that accumulate to create each event; giving it it's unique feel and experience. We understand the importance of details, yet never lose sight of the big picture. It's only because when a client comes to us, they come with so many aspirations and we make that our goal. It's this distinctive aspect we have, that ensures we travel the extra mile to deliver beyond expectations. We are like three individual spheres. But when we come together and interlink, we create a core... and that's where we place our client.
Rosy Gambhir
Director of Event Coordination
In this industry, there is no room for stifled creativity. At Version, not only are we highly passionate about what we do, we also believe what holds utmost importance is client satisfaction. When it comes to the beginning of designing an event plan, effective communication and skillful collaboration act as the basis to which exuberant decor, scrumptious menus and endless fun will build upon. We have contacts with a whole list of vendors, suppliers, media and hotels... to name a few. That's where we work as scaffolds. From the days prior and throughout the event, we remain vigilant to ascertain a smooth journey. If there's a wind, we make sure it does not affect your sail.
Navneet Changchroenkul
Director of Strategic Planning
When a client is looking for an event planner, the top priority on every single list always boils down to the word trust. There are so many diverse aspects and branches that concoct the recipe of an event - such as food and beverage, entertainment, decor, make-up, photography, live coverage coordination, etc., that the cash flow can trickle down to simple dollars and cents. To us, every penny counts. Version is not a company to design a plan without keeping the given budget in mind. We see every client we take on board as fingerprints - never the same. We respect your wants, wishes, ideals, culture and create something that brings happiness. At Version, we deem that as success.
Jasreen K. Narang
Director of Finance



As William Shakespeare proposed “If music be the food of love, play on.” It is a gateway to the soul and is essential for all occasions. For most events, folks tend to book either DJs or bands; we can suggest numerous popular ones that will satisfy y...
Honeymoon​ ​Getaways

Honeymoon​ ​Getaways

After all the I dos and parties, the next step is the… wait for it… the honeymoon! We are certain most of you already have a bucket list of where you want to go on your honeymoon. It’s time to tick them off! And after all the exhausting c...
Customised​ Decor

Customised​ Decor

Decor, whether it be for ceremonies or reception, is the main element that creates a mood for the occasion. Customized according to your choices and preferences, we help you select from a variety of flowers that will radiate exotic feels and reflect the happiness, livel...
Hospitality​ Desk/​Concierge

Hospitality​ Desk/​Concierge

Arriving at a new destination, we recommend hospitality desks/concierge to make it easier for you and your guests to find your way around. A group of people who will be assigned and hired only for your function and your guests, it could be to direct the way to their roo...
Bachelor/Bachelorette​ Party

Bachelor/Bachelorette​ Party

Some consider it a fling before the ring, some say it’s the last night of freedom, but despite its reputation, the bachelor/bachelorette party are hosted in honor of saying goodbye to the single life and welcoming the vow of companionship. A night with your cl...